Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Plans of Steam Era Narrow Gauge Enclosed Water Tower

Plans of Enclosed Water Tower, East Broad Top Railroad

Cole’s Station Enclosed Water Tower

Kept the Water Flowing to Railroad Steam Locomotives During Harsh Pennsylvania Winters

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Cole's Station Water Tower, East Broad Top Railroad
The Coles Station, Pennsylvania, water tank is the last surviving enclosed water station along the East Broad Top narrow gauge railroad. The tanks were enclosed so that the water could be kept from freezing during winter months by use of a small stove.
This tank was built in 1919 to replace an older tank that had deteriorated beyond use. The structure includes a tub-style wood tank of approximately 8,000 gallons capacity that is elevated on heavy wood framing set in a concrete foundation.
Our Coles Station Enclosed Water Tower Plans Page includes site plans, elevations, floor plans, and details as well as photos from all sides.

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