Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Plans of a Grain Elevator

A Grain Elevator for Your Model Railroad Layout

Perfect for Almost Any Layout Theme

Free building plans of Armour's Warehouse, a typical grain elevator suited for any model railroad layout
Armour's Warehouse, circa 1913
A grain elevator is a perfect trackside industry for almost any model railroad, no matter what its theme. While many industries are specific to certain regions of the country, grain elevators can be found almost anywhere crops are grown, or grain is consumed.

The plans for Armour's Warehouse show a typical "county elevator" where farmers bring their grain for shipment by railroad or canal boat. Simple changes, such as wood or metal siding, can date the building anywhere from the steam to diesel railroad eras. And, since grain was shipped in closed rail cars (first in box cars, later in covered hoppers), model railroaders don't need to worry about simulating loads in cars leaving the elevator on their layout.

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