Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Plans of a Pratt Truss Bridge

Baltimore & Ohio Pratt Truss Bridge No. 451/1

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Baltimore & Ohio Bridge No. 451/1
There's nothing like a truss bridge to add character to a model railroad layout. The seeming complexity of the structure is impressive, but actually easy to model.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Bridge No. 451/1 crosses the Cuyahoga River carrying a switch track serving the Jaite Company, a paper mill in Summit County, Ohio. Bridge No. 451/1 is a through Pratt truss. It is 138 feet 9 inches pin to pin, and has a clear width of 13 feet 9 inches and a 19 foot 10 inch height clearance. Carnegie steel supplied the steel. This bridge is the ideal size to recreate in scale for a model railroad layout and our Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Bridge No. 451/1 page features five plans including detailed exploded isometric views.

This bridge would be a great addition to any model railroad layout, without being too large to create a scale model.

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