Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plans of Monongahela Railroad's Erecting and Machine Shops

Keep the Trains Rolling on Your Model Railroad Layout

Modeling railroad maintenance facilities adds authenticity 

Free plans to scratch-build a model of Monongahela Railroad erecting and machine shops
Monongahela Erecting and Machine Shops
Roundhouses for locomotive maintenance are common on steam-era model railroad layouts, but heavy rebuilding work was done in a separate erecting shop, which usually had a machine shop attached or very close nearby for fabricating the many replacement parts needed by a steam locomotive.

The Monongahela Railroad erecting shop at Brownsville, Pennsylvania is a great example of an erecting shop that could be built on a model railroad layout. Unlike many of the larger railroads, the Monon facilities are small enough that they don’t have to be “selectively compressed” to fit on a model railroad layout as would be required to fit facilities modeled on a major railroad’s shops.

Erecting shops outlived roundhouses, which were mostly demolished when railroads "dieselized." So where a roundhouse marks a model railroad as being set no later than the late 1950s, erecting shops are much less limiting to a model railroad "theme."

With the large window areas, the Monongahela Railroad erecting and machine shops would be a perfect model to create with detailed interiors. Placed close to the front of a model railroad layout and provided with interior lighting, the models would be an impressive focal point on any model pike.

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